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So for some inexplicable reason I decided to accompany my friends to see 17 again, a new movie starring Zac Effron (yes, I know, shoot me now). Naturally, I thought it would suck so much I wasn't going to be able to enjoy it at all. So what wasn't my surprise to see characters flirting in Elvish.

I guess the fact that Effron's Prom King-material character has an overly geeky best friend for a sidekick is the ultimate sign that nerds are, indeed, the new black. Which, when you think about, may lead to two different consequences:

1) There will be a proliferation of "fake nerds". You know, those people who want to be in, and just for the sake of it start to call themselves geeks, and yet don't quite get why a grown up would possibly want an action figure doll in the first place, and what the bloody difference does it make whether it's in the box or not. And, incidentally, you guys like to wear costumes?!

2) Nerds will gradually start to be generally more accepted by society as a whole, and will actually be able to live a bully-free, out-of-the-geek-closet peaceful existence.

I remember those were the same conclusions I'd gotten to when the whole being-a-lesbian-is-cool trend exploded. Of course, it was overly annoying to have to deal with straight girls who kissed their best friends only to please guys; nonetheless, I can't help feeling there was much improvement where homophobia is concerned. So I hope this is the road the new being-a-nerd-is-cool trend is leading to.

I also hope the combination of these two fads will lead to my finding a nice geek lesbian girlfriend to snog. At least now I am also armed with blog posts to help me in this quest.

The signs are ominous, though. When googling "nerd lesbians" I actually stumbled on an old Craig's List add: "I'm of the liberal, indie, nerdy variety. I sometimes have a degree of Woody Allen-esque social awkwardness which (i hope) is incredibly endearing"*.

Funnily enough, the add was from someone in Washington DC, and of course I couldn't help but laughing out loud at the irony of it all.

*No, I was not looking for a girlfriend on Craig's List. It just came up on google. I swear. Try it for yourself; it's the third link.


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