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Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Website:There and Back Again
Lu is a 20 year-old Brazilian Law Student who currently lives in Rio de Janeiro.

Lu is also a bookworm, a movie-whore, a nerdfighter, and strangely fascinated with such things as Roman History and the Inter-American Human Rights System (Lu actually likes to devote a huge amount of her already hectic life to the study of International Human Rights Law. Most of the people in her country end up not taking her seriously because of it).

Some of Lu's major geeky obsessions (not necessarily in this order): The Lord of the Rings (and all things Tolkien); Harry Potter (and its batshit crazy fandom); all things Gaiman and Pratchett; Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome; Star Wars; Doctor Who; The Big Bang Theory; Alan Ball; Tarantino; Kubrick; and, of course, dystopian books such as 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World. For more info, please check icons page.

Interests (149):

"tea", 1984, alanis morissette, alias, always, ancient history, apple, backgammon, banana phone, books, breathing, british english, british spelling, candlewax, capitalising, charlie kaufman, chemistry, citizen kane, civil law, clockwork orange, closer, coffee, colleen mccullough, commas, concerts, constant gardner, couches, criminal law, cult films, deadmentalking, death, death of rats, discworld, donnie darko, douglas adams, dvds, eddie, editing, fanfiction, fievel, fight club, foo fighters, forty-two, frank, french, friends, full metal jacket, gaius julius caesar, getting drunk, ghost, good grammar, halls, handcuffs, headdesk, hearing voices, hijacking, history, hitchhiker's guide, hyperness, häagen-dazs, ibooks, ice cream, icons, impulsiveness, inside jokes, insomnia, ipods, kill bill, latin, law, lily/james, literature, logarithm, logic, lord of the rings, lost, lost and delirious, macintosh, marvin, memento, mind-reading, mists of avalon, mocking people, mocking republicans, moulin rouge, movies, mulholland drive, never, nonsense, notes, oscars, otp, patheticness, phone, plot bunnies, politics, predictability, procrastinating, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, quizzes, quotes, randomness, reservoir dogs, reverse psychology, roman economy, roman history, roman law, rome, ryuuzaki, sadism, sampoerna, sarcasm, seme, sex, sex and the city, shane mccutcheon, sigh, six feet under, skype, smoking, smsing, squeeing, stanley kubrick, star wars, strike, tarantino, tattoos, tea, tea as a verb, terry pratchett, the corrs, the daily show, the godfather, the hours, the l word, the lion king, the llama song, the matrix, the silmarillion, thegreatbreak, tolkien,, vodka, war, whiskey, whiskey lullaby, wine, writing

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